Panel 1: Situation Awareness in Security Domains

Wednesday, March 5th, 2014, 11:00 - 12:30 pm

Panel Chair: Mr. Scott Fouse, Lockheed Martin

The aim of this panel discussion is to provide a better understanding of the key elements of situation awareness (SA) for those tasked with providing security. Panelists will address the three key components of SA envisioned by Dr. Mica Endsley (1995): perception of elements in the environment, the comprehension of their meaning, and projection to the near future. Panelists will address a number topics ranging from the current state of security technology, including the current and potential benefits of incorporating SA principles, to recommendations for enhancing the field. Panelists range from experience in physical security (protection of property or personnel) to cyber security. Examples include providing security for a warehouse/apartment complex, an operating base in Afghanistan, a bank, or an information system.

Panelists: H.C. Neil Ganey (NSWCCD), Cleotilde Gonzalez (Carnegie Mellon University), Gabriel Jakobson (Altusys Corp), Patrick Larieri (Lockheed Martin), Steven Rodman (PJ Security Group)

Panel 2: Situation Awareness in Extreme Environments: Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief

Thursday, March 6th, 2014, 11:00 - 12:30

Panel Chair: Dr. Kristin Schaefer, ARL

The aim of this panel discussion is to explore the key elements of situation awareness (SA) within extreme environments. Extreme environments are considered to be complex, high stress, and/or demanding environments or occupations that often utilize human-technology systems. This panel will focus on the integration of SA as a means to advance humanitarian assistance and disaster relief. Examples include development of technology (e.g., robotics, automation, virtual reality, threat assessment technology), environmental risk and assessment (e.g., forest fires, hurricane relief, etc.), and communication of information including big data (e.g., cognitive radio networks, information fusion, network science, etc.).

Panelists: T. Scott Atkinson (Executive Management Consultant), Jeffrey Hansberger (U.S. Army Research Laboratory), Alton Miller (Columbia College), Galina Rogova (Encompass Consulting)


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Oct 30: Dr. Peter Hancock, Provost Distinguished Research Professor, University of Central Florida delivers a Keynote at CogSIMA 2014
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